Click here for the complete schedule. The slides used in some of the talks can be found below. We shall upload the remaining slides/material as and when we receive them from the speakers.

Day 1
Prof. Y. Narahari Welcome Address [slides] [video1]
Prof. R. Vittal Rao Rating, Ranking, Betting and Mathematics [slides] [video2] [link]
Prof. Debabrata Das Concepts of Computer Networking -- Internet [slides] [video3]
Chandrasekhar L Do or Dice: An informal introduction to probability [slides]
Arun Rajkumar A Gentle Introduction to Mathematical Optimization [slides]
Rohit Vaish Game Theory: Lessons and Applications [slides]
Kevin Patel The Cogwheels of Cryptography [slides]
Day 2
Prof. Sathish Govindarajan Geometric Graphs [slides] [video4]
Dr. Ramasuri Narayanam Social Capital: From Classics to Recent Trends [slides] [video4]
Swaprava Nath How to Achieve Society's Goals: The Mechanism Design Solution [slides]
Chandan G Automatic Parallelization: Introduction to Polyhedral Models [slides]
Roshan G Automatic Parallelization: Parallelism and Tiling [slides]
Thejas CR Demo: Automatic Parallelization
Karthik Nagesh Big Data Analytics [slides] [video5]
Dr. Neeldhara Misra Research in CS [slides] [notes]
Ankur Gupta How to prepare for G.A.T.E.? [slides] [link]
Day 3
Prof. Chandan Saha Computational Complexity: P, NP and beyond [slides] [video6]
Dr. Bharath Kumar Mohan Experiences with a Product Startup in India [slides] [video6]
Dr. Rohit Gupta Measuring Gene Expression Using Next Generation Sequencing [slides] [video7]
Saneem / Raman / Chandrahas / Sachin Hands-on session: Basics of Machine Learning [slides]
Suvam Mukherjee Fun with Program Analysis and Verification [slides]
Prof. N. Viswanadham Innovation in India [slides] [video8]
Prof. Y. Narahari Opportunities at CSA [video9]
Day 4
Prof. Swami Manohar Computing at the Core of All Engineering [slides] [video10]
Dr. Aditya Nori Program Verification via Machine Learning [slides] [video11]
Anshuman Dutt Magic Behind Declarative Query Processing [slides]
Aprit / Suprovat Randomization at work: An introduction to randomized algorithms [slides]
Rajesh K Thakur Run-time Environments [slides]
Deepak R Red Pigeons - A glimpse of Ramsey theory references: [1] [2] [3]
Day 5
Dr. Neeldhara Misra Cheat Sheets for Hard Problems [slides] [video12] [notes]
Anshuman / Deepali
(on behalf of Prof. Jayant Haritsa)
Developing Software Tools in Academia [slides]
Divya Padmanabhan Coding the matrix [slides] [video13]
Narayan Hegde Demo: Reinforcement Learning [slides]
Rahul Sharma Demo: Elements of Computer Graphics [slides]
Ashwin Guha Understanding symmetries with groups
Srijith PK Machine Learning Natural Language [slides]
Adway Mitra Classical Problems of Computer Vision [slides]