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About ICISS Conference Series: International Conference on Information Systems Security (ICISS), held annually in India, provides a forum for disseminating the latest research results in information and systems security. Please see the DBLP page of ICISS.

ICISS 2005 - Jadavpur University, Kolkata
ICISS 2006 - ISI Kolkata
ICISS 2007 - University of Delhi
ICISS 2008 - JNTU, Hyderabad
ICISS 2009 - Eastern Zonal Cultural Center, Kolkata
ICISS 2010 - DA-IICT, Gandhinagar
ICISS 2011 - Jadavpur University, Kolkata
ICISS 2012 - IIT Guwahati
ICISS 2013 - ISI Kolkata
ICISS 2014 - IDRBT Hyderabad
ICISS 2015 - Jadavpur University, Kolkata
ICISS 2016 - Manipal University, Jaipur
ICISS 2017 - IIT Bombay
ICISS 2018 - IISc Bengaluru

ICISS 2018 is the fourteenth edition of ICISS conference series. The acceptance ratio of the past few conferences has averaged less than 30%, and the proceedings have been published as part of the Springer Verlag series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. ICISS 2018 is to be held at IISc Bengaluru in Bengaluru, India!ncredible from December 16 to 20, 2018. ICISS 2018 encourages submissions from academia, industry and government addressing theoretical and practical problems in information and systems security and related areas.

General Chair:

R. K. Shyamasundar (IIT Bombay)

Program Committee Chairs:

Vinod Ganapathy (IISc)
Trent Jaeger (Pennsylvania State University)

Local Organizations Team:

A. Kushael (IISc), T. Shankar (IISc)


Anu Mary Chacko (NIT Calicut)

Web Team:

Aditya Shukla (IISc), Kripa Shanker (IISc), Rounak Agarwal (IISc)