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  1. Now we can say that we can do research in India ! It was amazing experience to have an interactive session of many domains. I am grateful to Ullas sir and Indu mam to give this opportunity. Thank you!

  2. It was simply perfect!

    When apprentice appreciated in simple terms then appreciation is deeper they say. So it was just PERFECT !!

  3. I felt the Summer School was a great event. We got exposed to so many new things. Honestly being from comp background, after the summer School, I am a bit inclined towards neurobiology. The events were really well organised. I must say, a small observation…. I felt the people would have interacted more if there werent more than 1 person from 1 college. But over all it was Fabulous!! And I honestly felt, that the mtech, and phd student’s talks were much better than the professor’s talks. I might be a bit biased here, but still I thought it was worth mentioning!!

  4. Summer school experience was awesome.I got to know the different aspects of computer science. Summer school was good opportunity for the interaction with researchers and increasing networks and I benefited from this. It was very well organised in limited time. I think there should be more talks on cybersecurity in future.

  5. Participating in Summer School get an exposure to moving next direction from B.Tech. Here the CSA community [Chairman, Professor, Phd., M.Tech student] very helpful.Even they give answer every stupid question.
    I attend summer school because I do not know {what exactly mean research and M.Tech, Ph.D. in CSE}
    Apart from that lunch and canteen food was awesome and Interaction with every speaker and peer students with the different regions of India.
    Especially, Thanks to organizer[Santoshullas Aparanji, and team].
    I would like to give an advice to junior to participate next summer school.

  6. 5th Undergraduate Summer School,has been an amazing experience altogether.
    Each and every segment was worth to watch and listen and learn ,though there were intense sessions also but that only made us more curious.
    The School contained almost every domain of latest technology and Computer Science subjects.
    Learnt a lot of useful jargons:)
    Also how beautiful and explorative is the field of research.
    Also specially mention to the entire “ORGANIZING TEAM”,for taking care of minute details, whether fooding, accommodation, travelling flexibilities ,each and everything.
    Students , Faculties and everybody taught us something worth it.

    A valuable experience.
    Would recommend to juniors and peers for sure.


  7. Summer School was really a great event and its going to leave an impact on our life…..By this event we all able to know about industry, college and research collaboration and how we have to proceed in our respected interested field. The lectures were really great and industry talk given a glimpse of current and future work which is to be done. I found here a fabulous environment of teachers and students where every one is ready to help as much as they can………It inspired me a lot ….the way they thought and the way they work is really inspiring for me and hope for every one. I finally want to say….I am feeling lucky “To be part of Summer school 2017″…#@Cheers….

  8. Those six days spent there with IISc people and students from different parts of India will always be the golden days of my life. The love and care given by IISc cannot be described in words. The knowledge and friends I got from this summer school worth crores. This event is best for undergraduates.

  9. The summer school was indeed a thought provoking and an intellectually stimulating experience!! The talks gave a deep insight into computer science, it’s different flavors like computer vision, deep learning and machine learning to name a few of the many exciting talks. The demos (especially of virtual reality!!) and hands on sessions were great! We got exposed to some of the best researches, industrial way of research and academics. Extremely grateful to chairman sir and the organizers for making the summer school happen.
    P.S. Install IISC navigation app as the campus is reasonably big and one can take longer to reach their destination in case the way is not known 🙂

  10. The main objective of the summer school was probably to give us a taste of the culture at IISc. I would say that it definitely did that, and much more as well. What I liked the most about the summer school was that it taught us how to think about real world problems in a different way. Also, I learnt a lot by interacting with the speakers and students of CSA department. All in all, it was a motivating experience. Even though the talks were academic in nature, Ullas definitely ensured that there was never a dull moment. Beautifully organized, indeed.

  11. 5th Undergraduate Summer School was altogether a different experience.
    An opportunity to explore maximum fields of Computer Science was the major takeaway.
    Meeting eminent people from IISC and learning from them, learning about research from students and faculties and a lot more.
    Though few talks were intense but even that generated the curiosity to learn and explore and had widened our perspectives.
    I would sincerely thanks to the “ORGANIZING TEAM” , students, faculties for helping us in every possible way. Whether it was food , accomodation or exploration.
    Thankyou for giving memories of lifetime.

    Would recommend all my peers and juniors 🙂
    All The Best for the further editions.

  12. This event changed me from Jon snow to Tyrion Lannister (winter is coming). I knew nothing, here got exposure to a lot of fields, got the flavour of research. Talks were very informative. Had a wonderful time here. Best thing was people from all over india were here. So much diversity under one roof.
    One thing you guys can improve is more involvement of students, sessions were mostly one way. Maybe more quizzes or some sort of fun activities would have made this even better.
    Overall it was a well organized event.
    Kudos to Indu and Ullas. You guys are awesome.

  13. July, 3 to July, 8: These six days were amazingly extraordinary. The event was too much fruitful for me. It blew me from nothing to everything. Lectures, student talks, professor talks, all went seamlessly perfect. I could capture the real essence of what a research environment is. I would really appreciate the efforts taken by the organizers, to make the undergraduates lean towards a very disparate life.
    Best part of the event was the Ullas’s session on “Angluin’s Algorithm”. This was the session which took me off from night to day :-P. He is the best speaker I’ve ever seen. Hope all my juniors could ever experience the same.
    All in one, we came out with something unmatchable with our college peers.

  14. 5th Undergraduate Summer School was a mind-boggling experience. It helped us explore and understand the various domains of computer science. The exposure we got as an introduction to research in this field was utterly inspiring. The lectures, demos, interactions in true sense enlightened us :P. It was exciting to learn so much about the latest developments and research in computer technology!! And the organization, schedule, topics covered, food, quiz, etc. were flawless. Sincere thanks to the organizers for such a wonderful event!

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