CSA Open Days

1-2 March 2014


Department of Computer Science and Automation (CSA) at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore will be organizing the annual 'Open Days' on the occasion of IISc founder's day.

Technical Events

Machine Learning programming contest.
Get the flavour of the most trending topic. Register and discover.

Lets see how your robo competes with others.

Consider yourself friends with Kernighan and Ritchie ? Think again!!!

Prove your coding prowess.

Fun Events

Bring out the gamer in you!

For the people who have answers for everything, perhaps? You think you know it all?!

Fond of daily games? Play, enjoy, and grab exciting prizes.

Dumb Charades with a technical touch.

Knowledge Corner

Get to know the exciting world of computer science.

Not just Free Software, Free Hardware too.

All About Stud-Dees in Come-Youth-Err-Signs.

CSA opening its laboratory doors. Explore it!

  • 4. Online registrations for fun games, connect the dots and lan party started.
  • 3. Registrations for TagMe! started. Register here.
  • 2. Rules for online game changed. Check them
  • 1. Online Game started. Goto GameZone for more details.

Open Days is the occasion where the Institute opens its doors to general public to visit, learn, ask and understand the research-culture here. CSA gladly invites students, professors, lecturers and teachers from various academic institutions and professionals from the Industry, in general - anyone with curiosity.

Tailored to address the wide variety of audience - from school kids to Professors - CSA labs are showcasing their research by
  • Displaying posters outside every laboratory describing the work done in the laboratory and the achievements.
  • Project and tool demonstrations, audio-visual presentations in laboratories


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