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What is TwitMiner?

TwitMiner is a contest designed to extract/mine 'useful' information from a collection of tweets hosted by This is a challenging and interesting problem as the data in a single tweet is limited by number of characters. The objective of this contest is to design a good prediction algorithm from a collection of tweets.

TwitMiner 2013 results have been declared! Mani Kumar Adari from RGUKT wins the internship offer from AMAZON.COM. For results please visit Portal tab.

TwitMiner 2013 got overwhelming response from all over India which encouraged us to start working to make it even BETTER and BIGGER next year! Please submit your valuable feedback here.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence, which, since its inception strove hard to make machines achieve human-level intelligence. A typical machine learning system aims at building a model from known data to predict some valuable information about previously unseen data. In this contest, you are required to solve one such machine learning task.

Who can participate?

Anybody with basic programming skills and elementary knowledge of machine learning. If you are new to machine learning, the following material would help you get started quickly.

Registrations closed!
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The Contest

Given a collection of tweets, can you build a system that can categorize them into one of two categories: Politics or Sports? Your system will be evaluated based on how well it predicts on unseen tweets. You can participate in this contest in teams (of maximum) two members. The winning team members will get internship offers from (with direct interview calls for final year students); also, exciting prizes await the teams in the second and third places.

Join the Movement

Are you a social media addict? Are you a follower of celebrity pages and accounts? Are you interested in what’s happening around you? Does challenging problems set adrenalin racing through your veins? Then this is the right place to be in.

March 2013

This contest is organized by the students of the Department of Computer Science and Automation (CSA), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in association with, with the aim of spreading awareness among students in India about the exciting future of Machine Learning in solving our huge data problems.