Day to go!!!

Open Days 2013

March 1st and 2nd, 2013

March 1st & 2nd, 9.00am - 6.00pm

All About Stud-Dees in Come-Youth-Err-Signs

Dive into the pool of CoMpUtEr ScIeNcE & AuToMaTiOn and know what's in store for you!

Wanna pick any questions from this bowl?

“What more do I need to know about technology? Aren't I an Engineer already?”
“Why not stick to my job? What if I don't get one after ME/MSc(Engg)/PhD?”
“Why go for a Masters when my placement cell works so hard each year?”
“What's all this fuss about Research? Isn't it all about getting a good job?”
“Can I get a customized, mouth-watering course for higher education?”
“You kiddin'? GATE is not my cup of tea. I'm pure industry material.”
“PhD? I wanna be a Professional, not a Professor, for God's sake!”
“You know what, I have a great CGPA of 9.5. Isn't that enough?”
“I can take it no more! Enough of courses, industry calling.”
“I'm sure an MBA guy. BE / BTech is just another step.”
“What are these technical talks/papers all about?”
“Lemme first go for a good job experience.”
“What do they mean by 'self-study'?”
“I wonder what lies ahead.”
“I'm confused!”

Most of us have such doubts poking through our brains during the final undergraduate years. On one hand is the option of continuing with academics, and on the other, is a job-oriented career. We are a group of students who are keen to help solve such queries. This would be a desk consisting of masters and research students, to whom you can pose general, informal questions regarding Computer Science subjects/courses. In addition, we would be happy to handle queries related to career, course-selection, self-studies, programming, GATE, etc. People curious to know about the subjects taught in a graduate/research course in Computer Science are welcome. For example, many of us are not generally aware of the necessity of Mathematics in Computer Science.

We don't want to be too philosophical, but on the contrary, realistic. We want to acquaint you with the taste of the “platter” you are going to be served in institutions like IISc.

Come visit us!!!