This is an online treasure hunt. The players are expected to decode the hints at to
reach the next level. Hints can be anywhere on the question page — be it text, images, audio,
video etc in the URL or even the source code!

Hints will be related to Computer Science. Answers may be related to the hints in any complex
form depending on the level in terms of difficulty. The first three players to complete all the
levels will win the event. In the event of nobody completing all the levels, the highest level players
will win, breaking ties using level completion time as necessary.


Ankit Jauhari (8105187756)
Nikita Chopra (7376778125)
or write us at


Goodies worth ₹20,000 to be won!


The event is an online event that will held from 1st to 3rd March.


  1. Online registration is mandatory.
  2. This is an individual event.
  3. Hints will be posted on the facebook page. Follow/Like it for updates.
  4. For claiming of prizes, participants should produce identity card of his/her educational institute.
  5. Pay attention, because everything is fair game.
  6. The decisions of the organizing team in case of any issues shall be final.
All questions are easy and straight forward, Have FUN!!
No, they are not that straight forward.