Hourly Fire


Why wait years to win a war and earn the spoils! Here is a world to win wars with quick fingers and go home with the spoils every hour. Time to take cue from this Quote
"If You are Lightening and Thunder, I am 250 Volt Current... Mind it..."- Quick Gun Murugan.

Contest Format:

  1. It is an hourly onsite event being conducted as a part of the CSA OpenDay ’19 at the CSA Department, IISc.
  2. The event will have 8 tech-quiz questions which will be announced every hour from 10:00 hours to 17:00 hours at the CSA Department. Participation is through physical presence at the department.
  3. The participants will have to send their responses as a text message to a given number.
  4. There will be prizes in the form of goodies for every question.
  5. Questions will be related to Computer Science.
  6. Participants are allowed to use internet or any other resources to find the answer.


Goodies worth ₹ 8,000 to be won!


The event starts at 10:00 AM on 23rd March 2019 inside CSA Department.


  1. This event is open to everyone.
  2. The first participant to text the correct answer will win the prize for that hour.
  3. The winner will be announced on the spot as soon as the first correct answer is received.
  4. One person can send multiple responses for a single question. But, in such a case, only the last response will be treated as valid.
  5. One person can claim only one prize, i.e., once a person wins a prize for an hour, he/she shall not be eligible to claim prize for any further questions.
  6. For claiming prizes, one should produce original identity card of his/her institute/organization.
  7. This will be an onsite event.
  8. No prior registration is required.


Abhishek Vijay Uppar - abhisheku@iisc.ac.in