Game Of Codes


Winter is here fellas !
Children of the forest created the Night King in order to defeat the The First Men and capture the kingdom of Westeros. The Night King is about to capture the capital Kings Landing. In order to defeat the Night King, all the armies in Westeros must be united at Kings Landing. The army is scattered at different places - Dragonstone, Riverrun, Eerie, Winterfell and the Twins fighting the army of the dead.
With the "Power to Code" entrusted to you by the Old Gods and the New, use your coding prowess to prevent Kings Landing from falling.


Prizes worth ₹20,000 to Top 3 and Goodies to Top 10 candidates.


This is an online event will start on the night of 22nd March.
Duration: 3 hours.


  1. Online registration is mandatory to be eligible for prizes.
  2. You must register for the challenge on HackerEarth.
  3. The participant should be a student enrolled in an educational institution (school or college).
  4. This is an individual event.
  5. To compete you need a computer with internet access
  6. The questions will be in the same format as the questions on the Hacker-Earth web site (ACM-ICPC Style).
  7. You can familiarize yourself with the interface by trying a few practice problems here.
  8. Participants are required to log into the HackerEarth web site and access the contest page.
  9. The platform supports 40+ programming languages. For more information, please visit the Judge.
  10. The solutions have to be submitted in the format described on the HackerEarth.
  11. In case of a tie the decision of the judges will be final.


1. Do I need to register anywhere other than Hackerearth?
Yes. To be eligible for prizes you must register here. You can participate in contest without registering on previous link but then you can't claim prizes.
2. Is the registration free of cost?
Yes. It is free of cost.
3. Who are eligible to participate in the contest?
Contest is open for all , but only college and school students who registered here are eligible for prizes.